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-This page is redirected ​to [[:d._july_-_final_fantasy]].+{{:​marathons:​307w1mx.png?​600|Final Fantasy Marathon (July 2009) Blog Banner by Anatotitan}}\\ 
 +**The Final Fantasy Marathon (July 2009)** ​is the 12th marathon by TheSpeedGamers and the 8th for a charity. Many people have proclaimed that such a feat is impossible, however, TheSpeedGamers made a great effort and were close to success. The original goal was $20,000, however, when the goal was reached in 72 hours it was raised to $50,000. For this marathon, many [[community:user_groups:​staff|staff members]] came to Texas to help with the marathon, including Gwellin, Localretard,​ and Baltes. 
 +TheSpeedGamers had multiple news appearances during this marathon. In [[http://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=mIjTLbN9YHQ|one of these]], Rob was asked to describe the Final Fantasy series. His description given while lacking sleep and also playing a game went: "​It'​s a fantasy world, where you have to save the world from being destroyed... pretty much."​\\ 
 +[[http://​wiki.thespeedgamers.com/​_media/​marathons:​2009:​bj747t.jpg|{{ ​ :​marathons:​2009:​bj747t.jpg?​100|A picture of Guinness Book of World Gaming Records'​ article.}}]] 
 +This marathon was published in the Guinness Book of World Gaming Records for the "​Longest Relay on a Japanese RPG" record.\\ 
 +^ Final Fantasy Marathon (July 2009)| 
 +| Date: July 17-24 | 
 +| Length: 168 Hours | 
 +| Charity: [[::​organizations_and_charities#​ACT|ACT Today]] 
 +| Total: $50,734.63 | 
 +| [[http://​www.flickr.com/​photos/​thespeedgamers/​sets/​72157621709755288/​|Fan Art]] 
 +===Games Played:​=== 
 +Final Fantasy I (Completed in 6 hours)\\ 
 +Final Fantasy II (Completed in 22 hours)\\ 
 +Final Fantasy III (Completed in 25 hours and 30 minutes)\\ 
 +Final Fantasy IV\\ 
 +Final Fantasy V\\ 
 +Final Fantasy VI (Completed in 6 hours and 20 minutes)\\ 
 +Final Fantasy VII (Completed in 24 hours)\\ 
 +Final Fantasy VII (Completed in 23 hours and 59 minutes)\\ 
 +Final Fantasy IX (Completed in 28 hours and 30 minutes)\\ 
 +Final Fantasy X\\ 
 +Final Fantasy XI\\ 
 +Final Fantasy XII\\ 
 +Kilgard - Final Fantasy I\\ 
 +Localretard - Final Fantasy II\\ 
 +Cross-Warrior - Final Fantasy VI\\ 
 +Phil - Final Fantasy V\\ 
 +Gwellin - Final Fantasy III\\ 
 +Dustin - Final Fantasy VII\\ 
 +Daniel L. & others - Final Fantasy IX\\ 
 +Baltes - Final Fantasy VIII\\ 
 +Blackduck - Final Fantasy IV\\ 
 +Rob & others - Final Fantasy X\\ 
 +Britt & Chase - Final Fantasy XII\\ 
 +NobodyX - Final Fantasy XI\\ 
 +Gwellin, Rob, Tyler, Britt, Chase, Rust, Ninboy, Dustin, Blackduck, Phil, Paul, Ferenc, Baltes, Local, Kristin, Stella, Oscar 
 +==Associated Organizations:​== 
 +==Community Jokes Spawned== 
 +**Gengar**\\ See [[community_jokes:​memes:​gengar|page]].\\ 
 +<​BOOKMARK:​bridge>​**Move Bridge** ([[http://​wiki.thespeedgamers.com/​_media/​community_jokes:​tsg_marathon_specific_jokes:​bridge.png|Image]])\\ 
 +While playing Final Fantasy VIII, Baltes was traveling in a hovering aquatic vehicle, when he noticed he needed to be on the other side of the bridge. Although he was not currently commentating,​ he could be heard saying "Move bridge! Get out of the way!" This phrase became quite popular in the [[community:​community]].\\ 
 +====== ====== 
 +{{:​marathons:​2e3mp8j.jpg.png?​600|Final Fantasy Marathon (July 2009) Forum Banner by iHeart_Absol}} 
 +====== =======  
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