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 +====== The Official Wiki for TheSpeedGamers ====== ​
 +**__TheSpeedGamers__** (often abbreviated TSG) is a community of gamers, initially from Texas, that play video game marathons to earn donations for varying causes. The group was originally started by Britt LaRiviere and his friends, but now has members around the world. The first marathon, [[marathons:​2008:​a._march_-_zelda|"​The Legend of Zelda" Marathon]], was on March 14, 2008 for St. Jude Children'​s Research Hospital. ​
 +[[http://​wiki.thespeedgamers.com|{{ :​wiki_image.png?​200 |  |TheSpeedGamers'​ Official Wiki}}]]
 +====Recent Marathon====
 +**[[marathons:​2016:​c. December - Retro Pokemon|Retro Pokethon 2]]**
 +> **Date:** December 16th - December 21st 2015
 +> **Cause:** Rocking H Ranch
 +====Upcoming Marathons====
 +**Zelda Marathon 6**
 +> **Date:** June 24-July 1
 +> **Cause:** St. Jude 
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