====== Blog ====== [[http://www.thespeedgamers.com|{{ :blog:blog168463.png?450px |The current new blog design as seen before the Metroid 2011 Marathon.}}]] The blog is the homepage of TheSpeedGamers website. This page serves as a central hub for access to the rest of the site. A variety of information is available on the blog, with regular updates concerning news related to TheSpeedGamers. This includes [[:blog:podcast]] updates, marathon announcements, various gaming-related news, contributions from TheSpeedGamers community, and other important announcements. The blog has also became a center for gaming news with reviews (both written and video), event summaries, and gaming advice.\\ In October 2009, the blog was entirely redesigned, with new formatting and overall appearance.\\ During a marathon, the blog is replaced with the streaming layout. A ChipIn widget is added to the top-right hand of the page from which donators can make their contribution through credit card, PayPal, or other services. The main stream is handled via a Justin TV feed placed in the center of the page; within is a smaller feed for the commentary given by a member of TheSpeedGamers and a room feed showing the area that TheSpeedGamers are playing in. In addition, a side stream is present for any outside commentary or gaming. Directly below the streams is a chatbox.\\ [[http://www.thespeedgamers.com/]]\\ ---- [[http://www.thespeedgamers.com|{{ :tsg_blog.png |A previous blog design from the Resident Evil marathon.}}]] [[http://thespeedgamers.com|{{ :blog.png |The old layout theme, that changed with each marathon. The banner shown was created by Official Artist Anatotitan.}}]]

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