[[http://community.thespeedgamers.com|{{ :community:forum730beta.png?550 |A version of the TSG_Beta theme. It follows the blog style. The themes change with the marathons.}}]] \\ \\ The community forums are the central main means of communication for TheSpeedGamers' community. It also serves as a center of operations to coordinate promotion of their marathons for charity. Originally, the Community was only called "the Forums". The reason for the change was to show the evolution of what TSG has become. It is not a generic forum anymore, but rather a community that is growing and evolving. ======The Community Forums===== The central community cluster associated with TheSpeedGamers' website and its extended community. Sub-topics relate to official events, community connectivity, and website improvement. ====TSG Headquarters==== ===TSG News=== Originally called "The Speed Gamers Events", this is the head forum related to official events. News updates are posted here for users to voice their opinions and receive additional information on specific features. Upcoming events receive their own threads for speculation, discussion, and informational updates on important details. Discussion relates to any features of TheSpeedGamer's website. ===Bugs & Suggestions=== Users may create threads on any bugs or glitches they've discovered whilst browsing the site and inquire on various points of the site. Administrators will try to solve the issues as quickly as possible. Suggestions are taken on how to improve the quality of the site, the community, and their features. ===Marathon Planning=== A special board for members participating in an upcoming marathon. Although the contents of the board are protected with a password, discussion topics include donation incentives, gamer schedules, and commentary shifts. ====The Community==== ===Meet and Greet=== An introductory forum in which new users may create a thread to present themselves to the community. Many older introductory threads are resurrected in the event of a user's birthday. Posts in this forum do not contribute to post count. ===Events=== A forum for events sponsored by TheSpeedGamers for the community. It includes the fanfest subforum for the announcements and discussions of community fanfests. ===Exchange=== Originally known as "Community Talk" this is a forum for the exchange of personal accounts on outer services. Members of the community can share IDs for a variety of social networking utilities such as Wii Friend Codes, XBox Live Gamertags, social network usernames, and LiveJournal accounts. Users may also collaborate on projects involving the entire community, such as gaming tournaments and efforts to create informational resource archives pertaining to TheSpeedGamers. Discussion involves the entire community and its greater networking capabilities. ===Creative=== Members of the community are able to share their personal creative works. Threads may be established to showcase graphics, artwork, writings, and musical compositions. Many users gladly take requests to create signatures or avatars for others. Posts do not count towards post count. === Community Content=== Reviews of any sort may be posted in this sub-forum. Titles for threads are to follow strict guidelines that clearly identify the genre and title of what is being reviewed. Users are able to voice their opinions on a wide spectrum of products and applications. ===Streams=== A forum dedicated to users hosting their own gaming streams. Small groups within the community have created their own organized marathons, generally playing games that have not been played by TheSpeedGamers previously. New users are discouraged from advertising their streams, one must first accustom themselves to the community before they will be allowed to advertise their stream. This is done to prevent the spam of any streamers who do not intend to fully associate themselves with the community, doing otherwise lacks courtesy and will result in a locked topic.\\ It includes a subform for discussion of TSG Present! streams. ===Let's Play!=== A forum created for members to post any Let's Play! projects they are working on. The forum was said to be inspired by Chuggaaconroy. ====Gaming==== As TheSpeedGamers are predominantly gamers, an entire section of the community forum is devoted to discussing games. The forums are divided based on console generation. An entire sub-forum section exists solely for the aspects of PC and Mac Gaming. After much petitioning, a forum was created for topics relating to the popular Pokémon series. ===TSG Guilds=== A forum for gamers who are a part of one of TheSpeedGamers' guilds in games such as World of Warcraft. ===Pokémon=== A forum dedicated to the various aspects of the Pokémon series. Topics include the video games to the trading card game to the cartoon. It includes a subforum for the TSG Pokémon League (DS), a forum where community members may compete in TheSpeedGamers' Pokémon League to obtain eight badges from playing Pokémon Versions with the Gym Leaders. The League set up is divided into four seasons, each lasting about 3-4 months. Whoever earns all eight badges will get their names placed in The Hall of Fame, and receive a medal in their Community Forum profiles. ===Gaming Discussions=== The forums in for discussing all things gaming. ====The Lounge==== The final section of the community exists to serve miscellaneous forum functions not covered by the previous two. The last forum, also titled "The Lounge", is the general discussion forum for TheSpeedGamers. ===Banter=== A forum dedicated to threads that belong nowhere else. Many forum games and threads that require little more than a single sentence are placed here. Spam is not tolerated. Posts do not count towards post count. ===Discussions=== A forum for various types of discussions. To view topics, a member must opt-in by contacting an [[:community:user_groups:administrators|administrator]] with the request. ===Link to the Past=== A repository for threads that have been inactive the past 6 months. It's a graveyard, but not the one with the magic cape. [[http://community.thespeedgamers.com/|{{ :community:forum.png?550 |The original codeblack theme. The banner in the community changes with the marathons.}}]]

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