====== Blue Blue Forums ====== {{:community_jokes:other_jokes:everythingbluesig.png?400|A blue blue signature}} {{:community_jokes:other_jokes:2yxirfm.jpg?400|An anti-blue signature}}\\ Origin: [[community:Community]]\\ A wave of blue splashed across the forums when //kmmgreen5// started a //Blue Blue Campaign// in an attempt to get people excited for [[marathons:2009:b. may - mother|Mother Marathon (May 2009)]]. In the process, people became annoyed by the blue and decided to create an //Anti-Blue// where people would add non-blue related things into their signatures and avatars to combat the blue.\\ \\ To combat the spread of the blue blue, the starter of the trend, kmmgreen5's user name color was changed as a joke. Instead of his then blue Chat OP colored name, his name was changed to pink (as seen below). {{:community_jokes:other_jokes:gx1erl79.png|kmmgreen5's user name is pink}} === Blue Blue Forums V.2 === During the months leading up to [[marathons:2010:b. may - mother|Mother Marathon (May 2010)]], a new batch of signatures and avatars spread over the forums. {{:community_jokes:other_jokes:bluebluesig.png?400|One of the popular Blue Blue Signatures in 2010}}\\ {{:community_jokes:other_jokes:greengreensig.png?400|An alternate color signature was made in reference to one of the Happy Happyist member's sayings in Earthbound}}\\ {{:community_jokes:other_jokes:23790_1110456297484_1709185205_208615_4726499_n.jpg?100|One of the Blue Blue avatars used in 2010}}

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