====== EVERYONE HUGE SDB!!! ====== {{:community_jokes:tsg_marathon_specific_jokes:emaillol.png?478x100|A screencap of kmmgreen5's e-mail}} Origin: [[marathons:2009:f. october - resident_evil|Resident Evil Marathon (October 2009)]] Sent in by kmmgreen5 as an 'In the year 3000' joke, referring to his original phrase "//QUICKLY EVERYONE HUG SDB !!!!//". The e-mail was read by Britt, who noticed the typo where an 'e' was added to hug, therefore saying "In the year 3000 everyone in the world will huge SDB", the chat found this hilarious and quickly joined in on "huge"ing SDB. Since then, people have continually huged StopDropAndBear during marathons.

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