====== Hello Kitty Forum ====== {{:community_jokes:other_jokes:site_logo.jpg?620|The edited banner of the Kello Kitty forums}} Origin: April Fools Joke - April 2009\\ The major joke ran by the team, was the revelation that the [[marathons:2009:e. august - mega_man|secret marathon]] would consist of the Petz series. The website updated with details about the marathon, as well as a new design for the [[blog:blog]] and the [[community:community|forums]]. The design was exceptionally bright, pink and Hello Kitty themed, which spawned threads asking it to be changed. Once the day was over, the site re-updated itself announcing the joke and reflecting the upcoming [[marathons:2009:b. may - mother|Mother Marathon]]. The secret marathon was put back under wraps. \\ \\ In 2010, as a part of "TSG Spirit Week" the theme made another appearance as a part of //Hello Kitty Day//. The theme was added as an alternate theme that could be used to view the forum and was available for use until Winter 2011. \\ {{:community_jokes:other_jokes:pkmnfan-090401-03.jpg|Screenshot of the original "Hello Kitty" Forums}}

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