====== Ruby Save File ====== {{:community_jokes:tsg_marathon_specific_jokes:yhvkakk5c9i3ell.jpg?300|A picture of a Pokémon Ruby cartridge}} Origin: [[marathons:2008:h. december - pokemon|Pokémon Marathon (December 2008)]] During the marathon, the Pokémon Ruby cartridge save file corrupted, causing all save data and Pokémon to be lost. Later in the marathon, when Chase wanted to show everyone what happened to the Ruby version, Taylor gave Chase a red Pokémon cart. The game's save file loaded and lead everyone to believe that Ruby was saved; everyone was saying, "It's a Christmas miracle!" Eventually, someone realized that the game they loaded was FireRed.\\ During [[marathons:2010:b. may - Mother|Mother Marathon (May 2010)]], similar issues occurred when Chuggaaconroy was attempting to play Earthbound and later when Britt was playing Mother 3.

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