Mother Marathon (August 2008) Banner by Ultragamer
Mother Marathon (August 2008) was the 5th marathon played by TheSpeedGamers and the 2nd without a charity to contribute to. The cause of this marathon was to lay a “siege” on Nintendo as an attempt to bring Mother 3 to North America and release Earthbound for Virtual Console. This marathon was also known as a “PK Callin'” and “PK Siege” on Nintendo.

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Mother Marathon (August 2008)
Date: August 28-31
Length: 55 hours
Fan Art

Games Played:

Mother 1 (Earthbound Zero)
Earthbound (Mother 2)
Mother 3

Community Jokes Spawned

Karen (Art)
A woman answering calls for Nintendo who was annoyed by the constant calls asking for Mother 3 in America. She eventually became rude and would yell and hang up on people inquiring about the game.

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