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The Resident Evil Marathon was TheSpeedGamers' 14th Marathon and 10th for a charity. This marathon was also referred to as the second Halloween Marathon.
Capcom, the creators of the Resident Evil franchise, was involved with the marathon, supplying prizes - including two signed copies of Resident Evil for the PC - and many other Resident Evil games and items!
Due to daylight savings time, this marathon was actually 49 hours.

Resident Evil Marathon (October 2009)
Date: October 30-November 1
Length: 48 Hours
Charity: Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation
Total: $8,347.04
Fan Art

Game list:

Resident Evil 0
Resident Evil 1
Resident Evil Gaiden
Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil Code Veronica
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 5

Player list:

Tyler - Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil 1
Phil - Resident Evil Gaiden, Resident Evil Code Veronica
Gwellin - Resident Evil 2
Tim - Resident Evil 4
Baltes - Resident Evil 5


Friday 6pm-12am – Britt
Saturday 12am-6am – Rust
Saturday 6am-9am – Baltes
Saturday 9am-12pm – Gwellin
Saturday 12pm-6pm – Tyler
Saturday 6pm-12am – Chase
Sunday 12am-6am – Rust
Sunday 6am-9am – Ferenc
Sunday 9am-6pm – Room Collaboration (Britt, Chase, Phil, Tyler, Rob, Paul, ect.)

Associated Organizations:
Community Jokes Spawned

Britt and StopDropAndBear love Twilight (addition)
See page.

Blood Nog (Art)
After talking about how delicious eggnog is, Britt decided to mix Blood Energy Potion with eggnog and drink it for donations.

Everyone Huge SDB!
See page.

Rust's Nana (Art)
During the drawing for a copy of Resident Evil 5, the winner was surprisingly declared to be Rust's nana. As Rust is a staff member, he is not directly eligible to win prizes. Since his nana was randomly selected, she was allowed to claim the prize.

Official Trailer

Resident Evil Marathon Community Banner by DesertRose

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