Halloween Marathon (October 2008) Banner 1 by Britt
Halloween Marathon (October 2008) was the seventh marathon played by TheSpeedGamers and the fourth for a charity. The marathon consisted of a collection of horror games.

Halloween Marathon (October 2008)
Date: October 31-November 2
Length: 48 hours
Charity: Lupus.org
Total: $1,060
Fan Art

Games Played:

Resident Evil 4
Half Life 2
Eternal Darkness
Dead Space


Daniel - BioShock
Fettouhi - Dead Space
Rob - Condemned
Matt - Resident Evil 4
Ninboycl - Half Life 2, Portal
Tyler, Phil - Dead Space

Meme Spawned

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Halloween Marathon (October 2008) Banner 2 by Ninboycl

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