{{:marathons:1z6rx9x.jpg?600|Metroid Marathon (August 2008) Banner by Britt}}\\ Metroid Marathon (August 2008) was the fourth marathon played by TheSpeedGamers and the third for a charity. ^ Metroid Marathon (August 2008) | | Date: August 15-18 | | Length: 72 hours | | Charity: [[::organizations_and_charities#stjude|St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital]] | | Total: $6,123.79 | |[[http://www.flickr.com/photos/thespeedgamers/sets/72157614573739341/|Fan Art]]| ---- ===Games Played:=== Metroid\\ Metroid II\\ Super Metroid\\ Metroid Prime\\ Metroid Prime 2\\ Metroid Prime 3\\ Metroid: Zero Mission\\ Metroid: Fusion\\ Metroid Prime: Hunters\\ ==Community Jokes spawned== <BOOKMARK:caramel>**Caramel Spoon** ([[http://wiki.thespeedgamers.com/_media/community_jokes:tsg_marathon_specific_jokes:image-caramel-spoon.jpg|Image]], [[http://wiki.thespeedgamers.com/_media/community_jokes:tsg_marathon_specific_jokes:carmel.png|Screencap 1]], [[http://wiki.thespeedgamers.com/_media/community_jokes:tsg_marathon_specific_jokes:caramel1.png|Screencap 2]], [[http://wiki.thespeedgamers.com/_media/community_jokes:tsg_marathon_specific_jokes:caramel2.png|Screencap 3]])\\ Known as the caramel spoon, commentators ate a spoon full of caramel for donations on camera. \\ \\ <BOOKMARK:digg>**Digg My Digletts** ([[http://wiki.thespeedgamers.com/_media/community_jokes:tsg_marathon_specific_jokes:diggmydigletts.png|Art]])\\ This phrase was created to encourage people to "digg" (vote up) the marathon to get on the front page of social news website, Digg. During some marathons, the articles have made it to the front page.\\ \\ <BOOKMARK:cereal>**Doritos and Mt.Dew Cereal** ([[http://wiki.thespeedgamers.com/_media/community_jokes:tsg_marathon_specific_jokes:doritosnmtdew.png|Art]], [[http://wiki.thespeedgamers.com/_media/community_jokes:tsg_marathon_specific_jokes:philcereal.png|Screencap 1]], [[http://wiki.thespeedgamers.com/_media/community_jokes:tsg_marathon_specific_jokes:philmarissahat.png|Screencap 2]], [[http://wiki.thespeedgamers.com/_media/community_jokes:tsg_marathon_specific_jokes:marissadoritosbowl.png|Screencap 3]])\\ Thought up by //kmmgreen5// and //Phil//, this cereal was declared one of the most disgusting foods ever made. Viewers donated to choose which flavor of Mt.Dew and Doritos they wanted to see eaten. At the time, Mt.Dew had the Dewmocracy campaign and the viewer that won chose Spicy Nacho and Super Nova. The cereal was eaten by both Marissa and Phil; Phil ate his cereal out of [[:community_jokes:memes:the_hat|The Hat]]. \\ \\ <BOOKMARK:boom>**OMG Boom!** ([[http://wiki.thespeedgamers.com/_media/community_jokes:tsg_marathon_specific_jokes:pq2xp2ar.png|Art]])\\ A classic quote in TheSpeedGamers' history, OMG Boom! originated from Tyler watching the fight with Super Metroid boss Kraid and witnessing the player perform an instant kill trick on it. >//“OH MAH GAWD BOOM!”// -Tyler ====== ======= {{section>:wiki:marathonindex#metroid&nouser&nodate&noheader}}

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