{{:marathons:27wy7tk.png?600|Mother Marathon (May 2009) Blog Banner by Anatotitan}}\\ **The Mother Marathon (May 2009)** was TheSpeedGamers' 2nd Mother themed Marathon. This was also their 10th marathon, and their 7th for charity. The timing and charity relation of the Mother Marathon was purposeful, the marathon started on the weekend after Mother's Day, it's the Mother series being played, and the charity is one predominantly associated with women. Their donation goal of $6000 was achieved May 17, at 10:00 AM CDT. It continued on to shatter the old donation record for the team. This marathon also featured the auctioning off of 4 Mother themed figures, 1 made by a community member, and 3 made by a member of [[::organizations_and_charities#Starmen|Starmen.net]]. \\ Many things were done by commentators for donations in this marathon: Baltes shaved his legs, Chase ate worms, Rob ate a [[:marathons:2009:a._march_-_zelda#scorpion|scorpion sucker]], Rust consumed a [[community_jokes:memes:vegemite|Vegemite]] and Syrup snack, Chuggaaconroy revealed his next Let's Play on [[:blog:podcast|Podcast 10]], Britt announced the [[e. august - mega_man|Mega Man Marathon (August 2009)]], and the inside of [[:community_jokes:memes:the_hat|Phil's Hat]] was shown. ^ Mother Marathon (May 2009) | | Date: May 15-18 | | Length: 72 hours (78) | | Charity: [[::organizations_and_charities#Komen|Susan G. Komen Foundation]] | | Total: $10,476 | |[[http://www.flickr.com/photos/thespeedgamers/sets/72157618121041525/|Fan Art]]| ---- ===Games Played:=== Mother 1 - Completed in 16:45\\ Earthbound - Completed in 8:13\\ Mother 3 - Completed in ~24:00\\ Earthbound Replay - Completed in ~32:00\\ ===Players:=== Phil - Mother 1, Earthbound Replay\\ Britt - Mother 1, Mother 3\\ ChuggaaConroy - Earthbound\\ Rob - Mother 3, Earthbound Replay\\ Cameron - Mother 3\\ ===Commentary:=== Chase - Mother 1, Earthbound Replay\\ Rust - Mother 1, Earthbound Replay\\ Fettouhi - Mother 1\\ Phil - Earthbound, Mother 3\\ Rob - Earthbound\\ Britt - Mother 3, Earthbound Replay\\ Paul - Mother 3\\ Gwellin - Mother 3\\ Blackduck - Mother 3\\ Tyler - Mother 3\\ Baltes - Earthbound Replay\\ Ninboycl - Earthbound Replay\\ Ferenc - Earthbound Replay\\ ==Associated Organizations:== [[::organizations_and_charities#Starmen|Starmen.net]], [[::organizations_and_charities#Fangamer|Fangamer.net]] ==Community Jokes Spawned:== <BOOKMARK:worms>**Chase Eats Worms** ([[http://wiki.thespeedgamers.com/_media/community_jokes:tsg_marathon_specific_jokes:gx1ipji9.png|Art]], [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8VjYnZwNrs|Video)]]\\ For donations, one gamer would be chosen to eat worms on camera. Originally, Chase confidently claimed that worms were his favorite things to eat and that eat them without a problem. He continued by saying the other gamers did not like them, so they should have to eat them. When somebody donated enough money, Chase was chosen to eat the worms and apparently became sick from them immediately after. \\ **Chuggaa Fans**\\ See [[:community_jokes:marathon_specific:chuggaa_fans|page]].\\ \\ \\ ====== ====== {{:marathons:28tjon4.png?600|Mother Marathon (May 2009) Forum Banner by iHeart_Absol}} \\ {{:marathons:2sb5vdv.png?600|Mother Marathon (May 2009) Placeholder Banner by Britt}} ====== ======= {{section>:wiki:marathonindex#mother&nouser&nodate&noheader}}

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