{{:marathons:14l0cud.png?600|Metal Gear Marathon (June 2009) Blog Banner by Localretard}}\\ **The Metal Gear Marathon (June 2009)** is TheSpeedGamers 11th gaming marathon and the 4th and declared the last one, without a charity or cause to contribute to. ^ Metal Gear Marathon (June 2009) | | Date: June 19-22 | | Length: 72 hours | |[[http://www.flickr.com/photos/thespeedgamers/sets/72157619967997076/|Fan Art]]| ---- ===Games Played:=== Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater\\ Metal Gear Ghost Babel\\ Metal Gear Solid\\ Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty\\ Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots\\ Metal Gear Solid: The Twins Snakes\\ During this marathon, cut scenes were not skipped.\\ ==Associated Organizations== [[::organizations_and_charities#fangamer|Fangamer.net]] ==Community Jokes Spawned== **Britt and StopDropAndBear love Twilight**\\ See [[community_jokes:marathon_specific:britt_and_sdb_love_twilight|page]].\\ \\ <BOOKMARK:back>**Back Back Back** ({{:community_jokes:other_jokes:back_back_back.wav|Sound Clip}})\\ On Vent, Diana3 ([[community:community]] [[community:user_groups:staff]] member) and MSico (Phil, keeper of [[community_jokes:memes:the_hat|the Hat]]) decided to play with the text to speech function and use Microsoft Sam's voice. They discovered that he says the word 'back' in a funny way, and the phrase 'back back back' sounded even funnier. They had Britt say "back back back" during the marathon and it became very popular in the community. When someone returned from being away, they were often greeted with a warm, "Welcome back back back!" \\ \\ ====== ====== {{:marathons:2ahhzch.png?600|Metal Gear Marathon Forum Banner 1 by Anatotitan}}\\ {{:marathons:2rnv5m0.png?600|Metal Gear Marathon (June 2009) Forum Banner 2 by iHeart_Absol}}\\ {{:marathons:11mequg.png?600|Metal Gear Marathon (June 2009) Forum Promotional Banner by Localretard}}\\

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