{{:marathons:mother-banner-2010-sponsor.png?600|Mother Marathon (May 2010) Blog Banner by Anatotitan}}\\ **The Mother Marathon (May 2010)** is TheSpeedGamers' 17th Marathon and 13th for a charity. This is the third marathon of the popular Mother series that TheSpeedGamers have played.\\ In this marathon, there were multiple game failures similar to the [[community_jokes:marathon_specific:ruby_save_file|Pokémon Ruby cart failure]] at [[marathons:2008:h._december_-_pokemon|Pokémon Marathon (December 2008)]]. Chuggaaconroy's Earthbound cartridge failed at the department store and later on a subsequent run on an Emulator where his laptop overheated. Phil and Rob later decided to continue Earthbound to fill in the time. The Mother 3 run had some difficulties when the save corrupted and the files deleted. A prepared save state was used, however the file was corrupted and resulted in the characters to have names such as "†_.!". ^ Mother Marathon (May 2010) | | Date: May 7-9 | | Length: 48+ Hours | | Charity: [[::organizations_and_charities#Komen|Susan G. Komen Foundation]] | | Total: $10,749.32 (Goal: $10,000)| |[[http://www.flickr.com/photos/thespeedgamers/sets/72157623890379579/|Fan Art]]| ---- ===Games Played:=== Mother 1 (Famicom) - Phil\\ Earthbound (SNES) - Chuggaaconroy/Phil and Rob\\ Mother 3 (GBA) - Rob, Britt, Cameron\\ ===Commentary:=== Fri: 6pm-12am Britt\\ Sat: 12am-3am Chase\\ Sat: 3am-9am Rust\\ Sat: 9am-3pm Tyler W.\\ Sat: 3pm-9pm Chase\\ Sat: 9pm-Midnight Tyler T.\\ Sun: 12am-3am Rob\\ Sun: 3am-9am Fettouhi\\ Sun: 9am- 12pm Phil\\ Sun: 12pm-3pm Britt\\ Sun: 3pm- 6pm Tyler W.\\ ==Associated Organizations:== [[::organizations_and_charities#Fangamer|Fangamer.net]]\\ [[::organizations_and_charities#gog|Good Old Games]] ==Community Jokes Spawned:== **Baby Rib** \\ See [[community_jokes:marathon_specific:baby_rib|page]].\\ ==Official Trailer:== [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLuFScSL09g|TheSpeedGamers' Earthbound Intro]]\\ ====== ====== {{:marathons:mother-10.png?600|Mother Marathon (May 2010) Community Banner by skateman222}} ====== ======= {{section>:wiki:marathonindex#mother&nouser&nodate&noheader}}

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