{{:marathons:mario-banner-10.png?600|Mario Marathon (June 2010) Blog Banner by Anatotitan}}\\ After the enormous success of the week long [[marathons:2009:d._july_-_final_fantasy|Final Fantasy Marathon (July 2009)]], the Mario Marathon (June 2010) has fallen in the footsteps. \\ **The Mario Marathon (June 2010)** was TheSpeedGamers' 18th Marathon and 14th for a charity. The Marathon went on air from June 11 at 6pm CST to June 18 at 6pm CST, however the marathon was extended several more hours, to where a donation deal came in to keep it going on. The marathon was carried on to 3pm CST on Saturday, June 19. The donation goal was **$50,000**, and the donation total at the end of Saturday, June 19 was **$57,399**. Where both the donation goal was reached, and the "Most" Donations Raised Record was broken. The former record from The Final Fantasy Marathon was $50,734.63.\\ From the Marathon, plenty of special guests and gamers were introduced. [[community:user_groups:tsg_ambassadors|Ambassadors]] the1stpkmnfan & Ruju, Forum [[community:user_groups:moderators|Moderator]] StopDropAndBear, YouTube LPer Chuggaaconroy, and Forum [[community:user_groups:administrators|Administrator]] Localretard, came to the marathon at TheSpeedGamers house. Many of them played and commentated to get donations in, and helped out this goal for ACT Today. Other special guests included Psychotaku, for updates about E3 during his night commentating shifts. Anatotitan and FrenchToast1 also came into the marathon to help out with commentary over Skype. During the marathon, TheSpeedGamers were [[http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local-beat/Charitable-Works-Up-to-Speed-96412029.html|interviewed by a local news station]]. In addition, Fangamer created a [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-R4YPKpoxc|video]] supporting the marathon and explaining the situation with the Pipe Vault Shirts misprints. ^ Mario Marathon (June 2010) | | Date: June 11-18 | | Length: 168 Hours | | Charity: [[::organizations_and_charities#ACT|ACT Today]] | | Total: $57,399 (Goal: $50,000) | |[[http://www.flickr.com/photos/thespeedgamers/sets/72157624130068159/|Fan Art]]| ---- ===Games Played:=== To help make sure that all games were fully represented, a schedule had been created.\\ [[http://wiki.thespeedgamers.com/_media/marathons:schedule-copy.png|Click here to view the schedule.]] \\ Super Mario 64 (100%) – Phil\\ Super Mario 2: Lost Levels – Phil\\ Super Mario 2 – Robert\\ Super Mario 3 – Robert\\ Super Mario RPG – Blackduck\\ Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Phil\\ Super Mario 64 (16 star) – AlanEdgeHead\\ Super Mario Land 1 – Baltes\\ Super Mario Land 2 – Baltes\\ Wario Land: Shake It – Tyler\\ Wario Land – Baltes\\ Wario Land 2 – Baltes\\ DDR: Mario Mix - Phil, the1stpkmnfan\\ Yoshi's Island – Cameron\\ Super Paper Mario – Luigi110\\ Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga – Yuso\\ Super Mario Sunshine – ChuggaaConroy\\ Hotel Mario – Phil\\ Mario is Missing – StopDropAndBear\\ Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time – Rob\\ VB Wario Land – Daniel\\ Mario Clash – Phil\\ Wario Land 4 – Britt\\ Dr. Mario – Essentia\\ Luigi's Mansion – Daniel\\ Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door – ChuggaaConroy\\ New Super Mario Bros. Wii – ChuggaaConroy, Ruju, Daniel, Tyler, Rob, Local\\ Paper Mario – Tim\\ Wario World – Heath\\ Super Mario Galaxy – Localretard\\ Super Mario World (Speedrun) - Gwellin\\ Super Mario World (+100%) – Gwellin\\ Super Mario 1 (+100%) – Sonic62\\ Super Mario 2 (+100%) – Sonic62\\ Super Mario 3 (+100%) – Sonic62\\ ===Filler Games:=== Mario Kart Wii - Cameron, Ruju, Oscar, the1stpkmnfan, Zach2m1, Ck14500, Yuso\\ Mario Kart 64 - Oscar, the1stpkmnfan, Hoover\\ Super Mario Kart - Britt\\ Wario Land 2 - JaggerG\\ Mario Power Tennis (Wii- NPC) - the1stpkmnfan, Ruju\\ Super Mario Sluggers - the1stpkmnfan\\ Yoshi Safari - ProtonJon\\ Mario Paint - ProtonJon\\ Mario Kart: Double Dash!! - Oscar, Hoover\\ Super Mario RPG - Luigi110\\ Super Mario 64 (16 star run) Encore - AlanEdgeHead\\ ===Commentary:=== Friday 6pm-9pm – Britt\\ Friday 9pm-12am – Chase\\ Saturday 12am-3am – Tyler W\\ Saturday 3am-9am – Baltes\\ Saturday 9am-12pm – Rob\\ Saturday 12pm-3pm – Phil\\ Saturday 3pm-6pm – Chase\\ Saturday 6pm-9pm – Pierre\\ Saturday 9pm-12am – Tyler W.\\ Sunday 12am-3am – Britt & Sonic62\\ Sunday 3am-9am – Rust\\ Sunday 9am-12pm – Rob\\ Sunday 12pm-3pm – Chase\\ Sunday 3pm-6pm – Local\\ Sunday 6pm-9pm – Tyler T.\\ Sunday 9pm-12pm – Britt\\ Monday 12am-3am – Tyler W., Anatotitan, Toast\\ Monday 3am-6am – Gwellin\\ Monday 6am-9am – Ninboy\\ Monday 9am-12pm – Chase\\ Monday 12pm-3pm – Local\\ Monday 3pm-6pm – Britt\\ Monday 6pm-9pm – Phil\\ Monday 9pm-12am – Rob\\ Tuesday 12am-3am – Rob\\ Tuesday 3am-6am – Tyler T.\\ Tuesday 6am-9am – Anatotitan, Toast\\ Tuesday 9am-12am – Local\\ Tuesday 12am-3pm – Local, Ruju\\ Tuesday 3pm-6pm – Brea, the1stpkmnfan\\ Tuesday 6pm-9pm – Phil, Tyler W.\\ Tuesday 9pm-12am – Britt, Sonic62 & Psychotaku's E3 Report\\ Wednesday 12am-3am – Britt & Anatotitan\\ Wednesday 3am-9am – Rust\\ Wednesday 9am-12pm – Chase\\ Wednesday 12pm-3pm – Local\\ Wednesday 3pm-6pm – Rob\\ Wednesday 6pm-9pm – Phil\\ Wednesday 9pm-12am – Tyler W. & Psychotaku's E3 Report\\ Thursday 12am-3am – Tyler T.\\ Thursday 3am-6am – Tim\\ Thursday 6am-9am – Ferenc\\ Thursday 9am-12pm – Local\\ Thursday 12pm-3pm – Chase\\ Thursday 3pm-6pm – Britt\\ Thursday 6pm-9pm – Tyler W.\\ Thursday 9pm-12am – Rob\\ Friday 12am-3am – Tyler W.\\ Friday 3am-9am – Rust\\ Friday 9am-12pm – Chase\\ Friday 12pm-3pm – Rob\\ Friday 3pm-6pm – Britt\\ ==Associated Organizations:== [[::organizations_and_charities#Fangamer|Fangamer.net]]\\ ==Community Joke Spawned== <BOOKMARK:kmm>**(kmm)** ([[http://wiki.thespeedgamers.com/_media/community_jokes:tsg_marathon_specific_jokes:kmmtro.png|Art]])\\ Created in the chat while on the topic of chat emotes and thinking about when StopDropAndBear said, ”KMM YOU SON OF A <censored>!” on camera. The chat thought there should be an emote that looks like a Metroid with a troll face that shows up when '(kmm)' is typed. \\ ==Teasers/Videos== [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-R4YPKpoxc|Fangamer Pipe Vault Update]]\\ [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2nXb923P4o|Mario Marathon Memories (montage video)]]\\ [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWQqWsyoidw|2010 Mario Marathon Trailer]]\\ ====== ====== {{:marathons:mario-10.png?600|Mario Marathon (June 2010) Community Banner by TikkiBoom}} ====== ======= {{section>:wiki:marathonindex#mario&nouser&nodate&noheader}}

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