{{:marathons:2011:pkmn-classic-11.png?600|Pokémon Retro Marathon (March 2011) Blog Banner by Rust}} **The Pokémon Retro Marathon (March 2011)** was the third marathon to host a Pokémon theme, the 22nd TSG marathon, and 18th one for a charity. However, this was the first marathon to focus on Pokémon from the first two Generations only. The games played for the marathon were from the original Game Boy cartridges; Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold and Silver. Pokémon Crystal and Stadium were played as well, but for the purpose of trading all the caught Pokemon to one cartridge. The goal for the marathon was to catch all 251 Pokémon from both the first and second Generation games. Mew and Celebi were obtained through glitches, as they are unable to be caught otherwise. The charity that was being played for was the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association (Lou Gehrig's Disease). It is a charity that treats and cures ALS through global research and nationwide advocacy while also empowering people afflicted with Lou Gehrig's Disease and their families to live fuller lives. The Pokémon Retro Marathon continued TheSpeedGamers' use of Justin TV streaming. As a part of Justin TV's streaming service, broadcasts are automatically recorded and archived in two-hour segments. As with TSG365, the marathon also runs advertisements to support TheSpeedGamers. Multiple TSG Members came to help and support the marathon's goals. These included Ruju, StopDropAndBear, Blaumagier, Toast, Pierre, Taylor, Dustin and Jamesdh17. ^Pokémon Retro Marathon (March 2011)^ |Date: March 11-14 | |Length: 72 hours | |Charity: [[:organizations_and_charities#alsa|Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association (Lou Gehrig Disease)]]| |Total: $15,394.03 (Goal: $15,000) | |[[http://www.flickr.com/photos/thespeedgamers/sets/72157626219688705/|Fan Art]] | ---- === Games Played: === Pokémon Red Version - Jamesdh17\\ Pokémon Blue Version - StopDropAndBear\\ Pokémon Yellow Version - Phil\\ Pokémon Gold Version - Blaumagier\\ Pokémon Silver Version - Ruju\\ Pokémon Crystal Version (To trade Pokémon from the main cartridges)\\ Pokémon Stadium 2 (To trade Pokémon from the main cartridges)\\ === Game Schedule and Players: === **Generation I (Red/Blue/Yellow)**\\ Friday 6pm-12am – Blue – Bear\\ Saturday 12am-6am – Red – James\\ Saturday 6am-12pm – Yellow – Phil\\ Saturday 12pm-6pm – Blue – Bear\\ Saturday 6pm-12am – Red – James\\ Sunday 12am-6am – Yellow – Phil\\ Sunday 6am-12pm – Blue – Bear\\ Sunday 12pm-6pm – Red – James\\ Sunday 6pm-12am – Yellow – Phil\\ Monday 12am-6am – Blue – Bear\\ Monday 6am-12pm – Red – James\\ Monday 12pm-6pm – Yellow – Phil\\ \\ **Generation II (Gold/Silver)**\\ Friday 6pm-2am – Silver – Ruju\\ Saturday 2am-10am – Gold – Blaumagier\\ Saturday 10am-6pm – Silver – Ruju\\ Saturday 6pm-2am – Gold – Blaumagier\\ Sunday 2am-10am – Silver – Ruju\\ Sunday 10am-6pm – Gold – Blaumagier\\ Sunday 6pm-2am – Silver – Ruju\\ Monday 2am-10am – Gold – Blaumagier\\ Monday 10am-2pm – Silver – Ruju\\ Monday 2pm-6pm – Gold – Blaumagier\\ === Commentary: === Friday 6pm-9pm – Britt\\ Friday 9pm-3am – Chase\\ Saturday 3am-6am – Chase & Rust\\ Saturday 6am-12pm – Britt\\ Saturday 12pm-3pm – Tyler\\ Saturday 3pm-6pm – Rob\\ Saturday 6pm-12am – Chase\\ Sunday 12am-3am – Tyler\\ Sunday 3am-6am – Chase & Rust\\ Sunday 6am-12pm – Britt\\ Sunday 12pm-3pm – Rob\\ Sunday 3pm-6pm – Phil\\ Sunday 6pm-12am – Chase\\ Monday 12am-3am – Tyler\\ Monday 3am-6am – Britt & Rust\\ Monday 6am-9am – Britt\\ Monday 9am-12pm – Rob\\ Monday 12pm-3pm – Chase\\ Monday 3pm-6pm – Britt\\ ==Pokémon Nicknames== In addition to the marathon, people watching donated to give nicknames to a Pokémon of their choosing. Legendary Pokémon were auctioned off to the highest donation (this included Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, Mew, Entei, Suicune, Raikou, Entei, Ho-Oh and Lugia). ==Community Jokes== **The Hat 2.0**\\ See [[community_jokes:memes:the_hat|page]].\\ ==Trailers== [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZXjTS3WXMg|Retro Marathon Trailer]]\\ [[http://youtu.be/7WeKhkdu-3k|2.B.A. Master animation video by Anatotitan]] ====== ====== {{:marathons:2011:pkmn-retro-800.png?600|Pokémon Retro Marathon (March 2011) Community Banner by AtrumLevitas}} ====== ======= {{section>:wiki:marathonindex#pokemon&nouser&nodate&noheader}}

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