{{:marathons:2012:tsg-pokemon-day.png?600px|Blog banner by Anatotitan}} {{:marathons:2012:tsg-pokemon-night.png?600px|Blog banner by Anatotitan}}\\ **The Pokémon Marathon (June 2012)** was the 26th marathon, and the 22nd for a charity. Following the success of the past week long Summer marathons, [[marathons:2009:d._july_-_final_fantasy|Final Fantasy (July 2009)]], [[marathons:2010:c._june_-_mario|Mario (June 2010)]] and [[marathons:2011:c._july_-_star_wars|Star Wars (July 2011)]], the Pokémon Marathon is TheSpeedGamers' fourth week long marathon. This was also conveniently the fourth Pokémon marathon by TSG. As well as the first Pokémon marathon to last longer than 72 hours. The marathon raised money for ACT Today!, an organization that helps families with autistic children. \\ This marathon was also the debut of a few community members, such as Yellowpepper, Wowgamer and JasefWisener.\\ Catching Toxicroak last, the group caught all of the Pokémon and exceeded the donation goal, beating the donation record set by the Mario Marathon (June 2010). Surprisingly, a shiny Pokémon was caught during the marathon: a [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ke1-kBa_TI|Ledyba in a Master Ball]] caught by SoulSilver player, Ruju.\\ ^ Pokemon Marathon (June 2012) | | Date: June 15-22 | | Length: 168 Hours | | Charity: [[:organizations_and_charities#act|ACT Today!]] | | Total: $59,324.36 (Goal: $50,000) | | [[http://www.thespeedgamers.com/fanart/gallery_all.php?category=6|Fan Art]] | ---- \\ ===Games=== Much like the past Pokémon marathons, TSG caught all 646 released Pokémon. Spin-off Pokémon games throughout the week of the marathon. This included the then recently released game, Pokémon Conquest. Friday, June 15\\ 6pm-12am – YellowPepper: Fire Red, Ruju: Soul Silver\\ Saturday, June 16\\ 12am-6am – Jasef: Ruby, Calvin: Diamond\\ 6am-12pm – Britt: Black\\ 12pm-6pm – Rob: Leaf Green, Blaumagier: Heart Gold\\ 6pm-12am – Jazaaboo: Sapphire, StopDropandBear: Pearl\\ Sunday, June 17\\ 12am-6am – Tyler W.: White, YellowPepper: Fire Red\\ 6am-12pm – Ruju: Soul Silver\\ 12pm-6pm – Jasef: Ruby, Calvin: Diamond\\ 6pm-12am – Britt: Black, Rob: Leaf Green\\ Monday, June 18\\ 12am-6am – Blaumagier: Heart Gold, Jazaaboo: Sapphire\\ 6am-12pm – StopDropandBear: Pearl\\ 12pm-6pm – Tyler W.: White, YellowPepper: Fire Red\\ 6pm-12am – Ruju: Soul Silver, Jasef: Ruby\\ Tuesday, June 19\\ 12am-6am – Calvin: Diamond, Rob: Leaf Green\\ 6am-12pm – Britt: Black\\ 12pm-6pm – Blaumagier: Heart Gold, Jazaaboo: Sapphire\\ 6pm-12am – YellowPepper: Fire Red, Tyler W.: White\\ Wednesday, June 20\\ 12am-6am – StopDropandBear: Pearl, Jasef: Ruby\\ 6am-12pm – Ruju: Soul Silver\\ 12pm-6pm – Calvin: Diamond, Jazaaboo: Sapphire\\ 6pm-12am – Britt: Black, Rob: Leaf Green\\ Thursday, June 21\\ 12am-6am – Blaumagier: Heart Gold\\ 6am-12pm – Tyler W.: White\\ 12pm-6pm – StopDropandBear: Pearl\\ 3pm-6pm – Jazaaboo: Original Blue Team vs. Pokemon Stadium\\ 6pm-12am – Toast: Conquest, ???: Stadium 2 Mini-Games\\ Friday, June 22\\ 12am-3am – ???: Fight Night! (Players battle each other via Pokemon Battle Revolution)\\ 3am-9am – Blaumagier: XD Gale of Darkness\\ 9am-12pm – Calvin: Random Ranger Spinoff\\ 12pm-6pm – YellowPepper: Conquest, Britt: Snap\\ ===Commentators=== Friday, June 15\\ 6pm-9pm – Britt\\ 9pm-12am – Chase\\ Saturday, June 16\\ 12am-3am – Tyler W.\\ 3am-6am – Ana & Toast\\ 6am-9am – Rust\\ 9am-12pm – YellowPepper\\ 12pm-3pm – Local\\ 3pm-6pm – Phil\\ 6pm-9pm – Chase\\ 9pm-12am – Toast (Pokémon Game Show)\\ Sunday, June 17\\ 12am-3am – Britt\\ 3am-6am – Local\\ 6am-9am – Ninboy\\ 9am-12pm – Blaumagier\\ 12pm-3pm – Ana & Toast\\ 3pm-6pm – Chase\\ 6pm-9pm – Chase\\ 9pm-12am – Tyler W.\\ Monday, June 18\\ 12am-3am – YellowPepper\\ 3am-6am – Ruju\\ 6am-9am – Rust\\ 9am-12pm – Local\\ 12pm-3pm – Calvin\\ 3pm-6pm – Rob\\ 6pm-9pm – Britt\\ 9pm-12am – Chase\\ Tuesday, June 19\\ 12am-3am – StopDropandBear\\ 3am-6am – Local\\ 6am-9am – Baltes\\ 9am-12pm – YellowPepper\\ 12pm-3pm – StopDropandBear\\ 3pm-6pm – Ruju\\ 6pm-9pm – Chase\\ 9pm-12am – Local\\ Wednesday, June 20\\ 12am-3am – Calvin\\ 3am-6am – Blaumagier\\ 6am-9am – Baltes\\ 9am-12pm – YellowPepper\\ 12pm-3pm – Local\\ 3pm-6pm – StopDropandBear\\ 6pm-9pm – Chase\\ 9pm-12am – Chase\\ Thursday, June 21\\ 12am-3am – Ruju\\ 3am-6am – Britt\\ 6am-9am – Rust\\ 9am-12pm – Calvin\\ 12pm-3pm – Local\\ 3pm-6pm – Rob\\ 6pm-9pm – YellowPepper\\ 9pm-12am – Chase\\ Friday, June 22\\ 12am-3am – Rob\\ 3am-6am – Ruju\\ 6am-9am – Jasef\\ 9am-12pm – Local\\ 12pm-3pm – Tyler W.\\ 3pm-6pm – Britt \\ ==Banner Collection== For the marathon promotion, Anatotitan has created more than one banner to be displayed on the TSG website. One of Reshiram that is shown during the day (with a similar background on the blog), and one of Zekrom that is shown during the night time (same similar background to match). In the forums, as a placeholder, both the Reshiram and Zekrom banners are combined into one. ==Community Jokes Spawned== <BOOKMARK:breakout>**HUGE BREAKOUT!** - When battling Lugia in SoulSilver, Britt shoutcasted the battle for donations. On the first attempt, Britt screamed “HUGE BREAKOUT!” whenever Lugia broke out of the Pokéballs. In future capture attempts, other commentators, as well as the chat used this phrase to describe escapes.\\ ==Trailers/Videos== [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qa3uWkhUsHQ|TheSpeedGamer's Week Long Pokemon Marathon Teaser ]]\\ [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgR2bNCzLTQ|Pokemon Marathon Update #1]]\\ [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hjj5SzbIvo|Pokemon Marathon Update #2]]\\ [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6ERa911UPI|Pokemon Marathon Update #3]]\\ [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZmVW_49pIw|Pokemon Marathon Update #4]]\\ [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nj5eqYLWtv8|Pokemon Ok! (Pokemon being interviewed)]]\\ [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpyt-nvRpRU|The Speed Gamers' Pokémon Marathon Intro Video]]\\ ====== ====== {{:marathons:2012:pokemon12-banner.png?600px|Forum banner by Anatotitan}} ====== ======= {{section>:wiki:marathonindex#pokemon&nouser&nodate&noheader}}

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