{{:marathons:special_streams:sozcropped-2.png?600|TheSpeedGamers' Blog Banner by Diana3}} ^ Summer of Zelda ^ | Year: 2010 | | Date: June 30th - July 31st | |[[http://www.flickr.com/photos/thespeedgamers/sets/72157624432077816/|Fan Art]]| The Summer of Zelda was a stream by TheSpeedGamers every night in July 2010 to encourage viewers to vote for [[:organizations_and_charities#ACT|ACT Today]] in the Pepsi Refresh Everything and Chase Facebook Grant contest. On each night, Monday - Saturday, TheSpeedGamers would stream a game in The Legend of Zelda for a few hours while commentators encouraged viewers to vote.\\ In the Chase Grant contest, ACT Today reached 88th place, earning $20,000.\\ === Games played and player(s): === A Link to the Past - Gwellin, Gwellin vs. pkGamerB\\ CDi Zelda: Faces of Evil - ProtonJon\\ CDi Zelda: Wand of Gamelon - Phil\\ Four Swords - Yuso & JaggerG, in House\\ Link's Awakening - Baltes\\ Majora's Mask - Kyle\\ Minish Cap - local\\ Ocarina of Time - Sonic62\\ Oracle of Ages - Phil\\ Oracle of Seasons - Phil, JaggerG\\ Phantom Hourglass - JaggerG\\ Spirit Tracks - Britt\\ The Wind Waker - Tyler \\ Twilight Princess - Phil\\ Zelda I - Britt\\ Zelda II - Britt, Sonic62\\ === Commentary: === In House (Britt, Tyler, Chase, Rob, etc.)\\ Gwellin\\ Toast & Ana\\ ProtonJon\\ Baltes\\ ====== ======= {{section>:wiki:marathonindex#zelda&nouser&nodate&noheader}}

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